Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Someone Puts a Twilight Book Together

1. The office building with workers inside. 2. The little yellow school bus drives across the intersection. 3. The feeling of enjoyment felt by the girl reading it the story. 4. A beautiful white flowerswaying in the breeze. 5. My sister who enjoyed the books that I enjoy now. 6. The hopeful dream of a writer who will soon finish a story. 7. A little black pen sitting on a desk. 8. You catch a whiff of something that makes you feel warm and content... it's relaxation. 9. the mythical creatures that roam the night and sleep in the day. 10. The tile on my bathroom floor that looks like a book, waiting to be read. 11. I think of the romance between those who really love each other.

by Johannah

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Ms. Daniel said...

Interesting subject and interesting images. Now if only we knew who the poet was...

Ms. D.