Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Someone Puts a Bottle of Hand Sanitizer Together

1.Frozen bubbles clot in frozen ice. 2.The taste of soap fills my mouth. 3.At the top there is a ducks face. 4. A juice straw drops through the bottle. 5.A squirt gun helps on a hot day. 6. A fter use only 1 germ is alive. 7. On mt plate was clear jello. 8. We shake the jiggly wiggly substance. 9. A substance of wet and stickiness. 10. Makes you feel clean after use. 11. The big bottle of cleanser smells like citrus 12. I look in and see the reflective bubbles. BY:Anna


Ms. Daniel said...

Anna -- I really like that frozen bubbles in frozen ice image!

Ms. D.

Anonymous said...

nice poem