Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hungary Update #2

Good afternoon to all! We are all doing well here at our second day at Arpad Gimnázium! We made the newspaper here yesterday when we were at the street festival supporting "a day with no cars". This event was celebrated all across Europe. Please go to www.kemma.hu to view pictures of our children. Click on Képgaléria and then click on Tatabánya. You will see the children engaged in various activity. They really had a blast. We were told that these pictures will only be on the web page for a couple of days. This is the address that they gave us so hopefully it works! Yesterday morning the students went to English lessons here at the school. They also learned Hungarian numbers which will be used in a competition later in the week. In the afternoon we hiked about 6 miles up a mountain side to see some caves and The Turul monument, which towers over the town from Gerecse mountain. We also climbed the observation tower that overlooks the city and surrounding valleys. It was breathtaking! There was no struggle whatsoever with the amount of walking and climbing that we did. The students also learned to do archery. They all shot a bow and arrow at targets in the woods. They were instructed by trained archers. We then walked back to the school...Some ran with one of the teachers. After we were back at school they met their host families and went home for the evening. This morning we are back in classes and working on various art projects. Dave and I will begin our instruction about the US and Nativity school in the classrooms today with the Hungarian students while our students are in English lessons. After school today they will be returning to their host student's homes for an evening of "free activity" with their family. Tomorrow is a big day as we will be spending the entire day in Budapest. We will give you an update on Thursday with pictures included. In the meantime if there are any concerns please feel free to email us. Have a great day! Halihó Dave and Stefanie

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