Monday, September 15, 2008

Graded Homework -- Parent Memo for this week...Since we have no power to copy anything

I did not return students' graded work today since there was no way to make copies of the usual memo that I provide so parents can know what is being included. Since it looks like the power could be off for awhile longer, I am going to put the "memo" here so that I can send students' work home tomorrow. I do realize that many of you don't have anyway to look at this at present, but I want it documented for the time when we hopefully all get back to something that looks more normal: August 15, 2008 Graded work this week includes: Math – Factor Rainbows (42 points) Math 64 – Divisibility Patterns Practice (63 points) Math 63 – Divisibility Patterns Practice (72 points) Social Studies – Culture Questions (10 points) Math – Daily Math Problem Solution Report (10 points) Science – Daily Science Problem Solution Report (10 points) The Continents Map Test will be given on Friday, September 26.

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