Monday, September 22, 2008

Hungary Update #1

Here is the first report from our delegation to Hungary --
The first day went well. The flights were long but smooth. Every stop went without a hitch. We were delayed a little in Amsterdam which made us late arriving in Budapest. The kids were hesitant at first to go to their host families, but the Hungarians were so nice and welcoming it ended up ok. We went on a bus from Budapest to Tatabanya where the children met the parents and went on to their homes. The Hungarian host students were on the bus with us so they got to talk to them altogether for about an hour during the ride. From the school the students went home with their families for dinner and relaxing evening. There was no group get together. Their thought was that since we had a long trip and it was late that everyone would want to relax. Much to our surprise there was no welcoming ceremony at the school either. We haven't heard of one that is planned either. They have a bulletin board dedicated to Nativity with pictures from when they were there for IPW in 2006. There was also a display from 2000. The mural is still there and Dave explained to me what part you painted between the lines HAHA Jon Deutsch lost his wallet on this bus and called us that night. We were able to get ahold of the driver and he found it. It will be returned Wednesday when we go to Budapest. Today is the first day at the school. The kids are attending English classes and everyone is excited for us to be here. There was a festival out in the street. The streets were closed for "a day with no cars". This is something they do all across Europe and there were very many activities for the kids to participate in along the lines of other transportation methods. i.e. stilts, bikes, foot pedals. This afternoon we are going hiking to the famous bird (some statue at the top of the hill) and the mines which have caves. It is a little cold and rainy, but we are hoping for more sun later this week. Tomorrow we will be making bags and bracelets as well as going to more classes. Wednesday we are going to Budapest for the day. They have a lot planned for us while we are here and the kids are excited and enjoying themselves. Dave reports that to his surprise the town (Tatabanya) is relatively unchanged from when you were here in 2000. It seems as if there is more capitalism but existing in the old communist style architecture. He has seen many of the same people and they say hello to you! Dave and I will be teaching several classes separately with no other teacher in the room starting tomorrow. This should be interesting. We will let you know how it goes. We will give you the next report tomorrow! Have a wonderful day! HolliƩ Ho! Dave and Stefanie

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