Friday, March 7, 2008

Today's China Update --

Friday, March 7 – The basket ball game was intense - two great teams played hard. I'll leave the details for the kids to share. Weather continues to be good. Days at school are filled with lots of activity. This morning we are meeting with English language classes. This afternoon we are shadowing in art class. We have a Chinese language lesson almost every day. Jillian is great - a wonderful style with all of us teaching a difficult subject to master. We are so lucky that she will be the one to inaugurate the program at Nativity. Two students from the local university stopped by yesterday - heard about our visit from the news. Their English is excellent. They sponsor the "English Corner" - a get together each Friday evening for university students who want to speak English. Topics are wide open - just a change to practice English. They were impressed with our kids and the program and spent a good part of the day assisting when our kids were learning how to write Chinese calligraphy and paint in the traditional Chinese style. A rep. from a private English bi-lingual school also heard we were in town and stopped by to find out about how this exchange came about. If I read between the lines correctly, she wanted to know how her school could participate. Adjacent to Long Cheng is a police substation. The officers gave us a tour of their 2 room office / substation and posed with the group for a photo. Students are taking turns filming at their respective homes. Ed Radtke and Andy has been great working on the film. The biggest problems we have is deciding what will make the cut. The following web page is, I believe, for the education department in Liuzhou. You'll find photos of our trip.

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