Friday, April 18, 2008

News from Our German Delegation

We've received our first word from our delegation to Germany. It sounds as if things there are off to a great start. Keep them all in your prayers.

Here's the first report:

We are spending Day one at Otto Hahn. Your students have been wonderful. All are well- some are sleepy. Should be an early night for most tonight. No one is complaining about hunger or homesickness. You should all be very proud of how mature they are behaving.

It is rainy and cold here so enjoy your beautiful weather.

We have a meeting room at the school and the students meet their hosts on the breaks in their common areas. Today we walked some to The River Elbe and through Gettstacht when Anke was not teaching lessons.

Some students rode bikes to school, some were driven and others take the bus. They all leave school at different times but none of them leave until 12:10. some must stay until 2:00.

We have met up with Sebastian Kloth and Sarah Jamishidi who were interns within the last 2 years at Nativity.

We are having a Wonderful time and will go Hamburg tomorrow with the class. Interesting fact: Hamburg has more bridges than Venice. Should be fun.

Take care and do not worry too much! We are getting along wonderfully.

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