Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Factor Rainbows

Today we began working with factors in math class. We talked about making factor rainbows as a way of developing a list of all the factors for a particular number. This work is foundational to further study of factorization, factor trees, and prime factorization -- just ahead. Definitionally, a factor rainbow is a way of showing factor pairs in a list of all the factors of a number. This can be helpful in checking whether a list of factors is correct. Your student will be working on constructing some factor rainbows for homework this evening.


farah said...

i love this website my child has gotten every single of her answers from here thank u and plz can u put place value we cannot find it on ur website thank u

Anonymous said...

i love factor rainbows! thay are colorful, and cool. lol! ms. d. you make math really fun

Cindy in AZ said...

Thank you for this post! You helped my daughter and I figure this out as she missed the day her class went over factor rainbows. I don't remember much math from grade school, but this was extremely helpful! :)