Thursday, November 1, 2007

October Homework Assignments Archive

October 31, 2007Be safe tonight!Remember your "choice" projects for the China at the British Museum assignment are due tomorrow. October 30, 2007Math 63 -- p. 427, Writing Math -- questions 1&2Science -- make a cladogram -- C.O.W. packet October 29, 2007Math 64 -- p. 427, Writing Math-- questions 1&2 October 26, 2007Your Ancient China "choice" projects are due on Thursday. October 25, 2007Math 63&64 -- Write a description of a simulation that would allow you to determine the experimental probability that in a family with 5 children, 2 would be boys... You do not need to do the simulation, or determine the probability. You only need to describe how you would do the simulation.Social Studies -- "Choice Projects" for the Ancient China at the British Museum project will be due next Thursday, Nov. 1. You may choose from the following five projects:Create a 3-dimensional model of a Shang calendar. You might choose to make your model out of clay or plaster of Paris, or papier mache, or some other similar substance.Create a diorama of an Ancient Chinese Tomb. Your diorama should be 3-dimensional, and show the layout and design of a typical tomb as well as some of the typical artifacts that might be found there.Make a replica of a jade bi, similar to one that might have been placed in a tomb to protect and preserve the body of an ancient Chinese nobleman.Make a 3-dimensional model of Nu Gua, the female goddess from the ancient Chinese creation story.Make a replica of an oracle bone, used by the ancient Chinese to “divine” the answer to questions about almost any decision they faced. You might choose to make your “oracle bone” out of clay or plaster of Paris, or some similar material. October 24, 2007Science -- read pp. 189-191, answer questions 1-4 on p. 191Social Studies -- your map is due on Friday. October 22, 2007The science test is tomorrow. The Lentils Lab report is due on Wednesday.Social Studies (due Friday)--Make a map:From your house to school.Make your map detailed and accurate.Show which direction is north.Show important landmarks and details on your map.Make your map attractive to look at.Color your map and include artistic touches.We will send our maps to our Chinese pen pals. October 18, 2007Science test -- Tuesday, Oct. 23. Lentils Lab report due, Oct. 24Math 63 -- Homerun Hitters report due tomorrow. Math test on Monday.Math 64 -- completion of math test tomorrow. October 17, 2007Science: Lentils Lab Report -- due Wednesday, 10/24Chapter 9 test -- Tuesday, 10/23 October 16, 2007Science -- Plant a Sock lab write up (due tomorrow)Math 63--Homerun Hitters Project (due Friday)Test on Monday October 15, 2007Math 64-- Test tomorrow. Homerun Hitters report due tomorrow.Math 63 -- Homerun Hitters report due on Friday. Data and graphing test on Monday, 10/22. October 10, 2007Science -- flower parts dissection lab is due Monday.Math 64--Homerun Hitters final project and Data and graphing test on Tuesday.Math 63--you should have all the ranges calculated for the Homerun Hitters project. October 9, 2007Math 63 -- calculate the range for all the homerun hitters.Math 64 -- Homerun Hitters final report due on Tuesday (October 16). Students have directions and rubrics.Data analysis and graphing unit test -- Tuesday, October 16. October 8, 2007Social Studies -- read pp. 136-139. Answer questions 2 & 4.Science -- lab write up for flower parts dissection due Monday, October 15.Science -- your "Plant a Sock" boxes are due this week. Even if it didn't germinate, bring it in so we can talk about it. October 5, 2007No homework. Have a good weekend. October 4, 2007Social studies test tomorrow. October 3, 2007Study for the social studies test on Friday. October 2, 2007Terra Nova Testing is in progress. Get plenty of sleep and eat a good, healthy breakfast. Make sure you bring a #2 pencil to school. Get your permission slip for Caldwell Nature Center field trip signed...Social Studies test is Friday. Use the study guide to help you prepare.Math 63 -- finish calculating the means for the homerun hitters.Math 64 -- finish calculating the ranges for the homerun hitters. October 1, 2007Get your permission slip for Caldwell Nature Center field trip signed

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