Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wow! Escher

The summer has begun for me, and I am enjoying time to browse and study and just "think things." I hope that all of you are relaxing, playing, resting, and doing the things that make you happy and strong and healthy. I think of you often.

As I am setting up this site through the summer, I think that one of the things that I will try to do is share interesting bits and pieces that I come across. At least, they are interesting to ME. Grin! Those who have been my students will understand that I can get fascinated with intellectually "odd" bits. Those of you who will come to be my students will undoubtedly just get used to it. Perhaps some of you who visit here will enjoy the oddities that I collect. I hope so.

At any rate, here's the beginning of my "summer collection."

An Escher Site

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you make me smile!!! 10 months or so isn't enough for you??

I have one 1/2 day left and I won't be setting up any web sites for my little ones once I am done !!

mind you most of mine don't really read yet.. LOL

good on you for doing this for your students .. I admire your energy ..

Sheila - that teacher from up North